Luis Manzano, sinabihang 'b*b0' ang netizen na nagcomment sa post ng GF niyang si Jessy Mendiola

 Jessy Mendiola and Luis Manzano’s Amanpulo Island adventure became a bit irritating for the real-life couple as one netizen doubted Jessy for affording her expensive, luxurious watch.

The comment stated: “How can she afford a Patek?” which in turn sparked the strain between Luis and the netizen.

“um… because I work hard and save a lot? Lol” Jessy answered.

Luis covered her girlfriend stating: “- work and save till you can buy or what you want in life no matter what they may be. Napaka b*b0 mo naman if di mo gets yun. Pabili ka utak ngayong 12.12 sale… work and save para ma afford mo rin ang brain.”

“bakit ka defensive? Nagtatanong lang ah?” The netizen responded.

The exchange of comments among the two ended with Luis replying: “12.12, add to cart – brain.”

The netizen has deleted his first comment and replies for both Jessy and Luis. However, some netizens remained to discuss the netizen’s comment and Manzano’s response.

The mentioned Instagram post earned over 109,000 likes.