Jamir Garcia, frontman ng bandang Slapshock, natapuang nakab!tin sa kanyang bahay.

Vladimir “Jamir” A. Garcia a Filipino singer famously known as the frontman of the band Slapshock.

The band created during the University of the Philippines Fair on February 14, 1997, which recorded their first-ever gig.

The group created the album themselves, developing musicality and unique compositions. They accepted nominations such as Best Artist from MTV Asia and were granted Band of the Year by the NU107 in 2001, 2002, and 2003. They also won the Best in Album Packaging prize for Novena in 2002. Their first-ever hit is “Agent Orange”. Including some of their songs are held to be Hardcore style or genre.

Among social struggles, Slapshock is very frank and serious with their views on problems facing Filipinos.

On November 26, 2020, Jamir Garcia was discovered d3ad at his home. Authorities alleged that the cause of this was su1cide by hanging. His live-in partner Sojina-Jaya Crisostomo discovered Garcia’s body dangling on a steel window using a sheet around his neck inside his home’s comfort room.

Garcia was born in Pampanga and currently living in Sangandaan, Quezon City.

A witness identified as SUZETH MANLAPAZ y SALENGA saw Garcia’s body.

On or about 9:20 Am on November 26, 2020.

It seems when duty desk officer PSSg Rowen Insecto acquired data from NORIEL DAMIAN OIC Security of METRONORTH Medical Center and Hospital.

As a response thereof, probers of this Station quickly forward to send an initial investigation.

Hence, SOJINA-JAYA CRISOSTOMO, unlace the supposed victim then hurried to METRONORTH HOSPITAL, however, Dr. ERMIN CABANELA his attending Physician informed the latter D3ad on Arrival at about 10:20 AM of this date.

Some netizens assumed that the news of their disbandment is one of the main causes why Garcia did it.