“T* ng*na ang panget” Isang dalagang binilhan ng cellphone ng magulang niya, kinagalitan ng netizens!

A demanding daughter depreciates the mobile phone purchased by her parents for her and described it “Panget”, netizens respond.

Nowadays, a lot of people including kids, teens, and grown-ups own mobile phones, which is frequently used for communication. However, smartphones developed during the years and can be already used for educational or amusement purposes as well. 

A Facebook user named “Jaren” has posted the photo of an unappreciative girl who belittles the mobile phone purchased by her mother and father. The post earned numerous feedback from the online community.

The young lady recognized as Mexico Gacita has posted a photo of the mobile phone purchased by her parents on her Facebook story. However, she captioned the story with “T* ngina ang panget”


In the photo, it can be recognized that Gacita’s mom ordered a Samsung AO1 for her precious daughter. However, Mexico shows a greedy act to her parents for depreciating the phone.


Here are some post from her parents that truly love their daughter:


The social media users thrashed the woman for her ungrateful act: