Live-in partner ni babae, inasawa ang kabit ng tatay niya!

A netizen named Jhuno Almadin took to Facebook after she couldn't stand what her boyfriend, her live-in partner for 12 years, and her father's mistress have been doing. She reveals how her family was betrayed by them. 

The betrayed daughter recounted in detail how Nyok, her boyfriend and Roanne Darroca or Monique, who was "picked up" by her father, Capt. Crispin Almadin, Jr., from a club in Cubao -- Lanai Cubao.

Jhuno's father loves and took care of Roanne and changed her completely. She was even accepted by their family. 

Her tryst with Nyok had started when she requested Capt. Almadin to have Nyok teach her how to drive. Jhuno gave her consent, thinking that everything was okay. Despite fears and doubt, Jhuno still chose to trust the two. 

Worse, the supposed love child of her father and Roanne was actually sired by her boyfriend, Nyok. 

Now, Jhuno's father died on March 6, 2017.  To give justice to how her father's mistress betrayed her, Jhuno took to Facebook and revealed it all.

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