Ano nga ba ang TOTOONG dahilan kung bakit lumaki ang timbang ni Angel Locsin?

Angel Locsin is informed of judgments behind her weight.

If you’ve been on social media sites these past few days, you’ve presumably noticed the photos wandering on social media exhibiting Angel Locsin’s “new figure.”

But little did you understand what is the main cause of her weight increase?

Locsin cleared up about her spine injury which she initially shared in a 2015 interview.

She said her situation has progressed, but the journey has been a tough one.

“I think better na siya. Hindi naman siya mawawala. Mag-i-improve lang condition. Pero iyon na siya for life,” said Locsin, who had to retire from the superhero flick “Darna” due to the damage.

While she has mostly healed, Locsin has had to adapt to physical restrictions.

“Noong bumalik ako ng workout, umiyak ako, eh. Naramdaman ko ‘yung mga hindi ko na puwedeng gawin. Dati kasi feeling mo superhero ka talaga, kaya mong gawin lahat,” she explained, providing as examples sudden standing, twisting, running, jumping, and bending.

“Kailangan mong harapin na iba na. Hangga’t hindi mo natatanggap ‘yon, hindi ka mag-mo-move forward kasi, eh,” she stated.

Angel experienced a Disc Bulge spine, that is why she had to undergo some procedures and operations.

She had to take several medicines for her maintenance and this is the principal reason why she achieves weight fast.

Recently, Angel went viral online when people saw her new shape.

With this, the veteran journalist Lolit Solis talked to this not to criticize but to support the actress from those who bashed her because of her current appearance.

Accordingly, there is nothing unsuitable with aging which is just the same as having no mistake in terms of gaining weight.

Attitude over physical appearance certainly for no value of curve could ever outline a beautiful heart.

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