Mister, Nangaliwa Agad 1 week Lang Matapos Ikasal

For a spouse, perhaps one of the most depressing things you will ever encounter is being cheated on. For every couple, trust and loyalty are the base for a strong and lasting marriage. Yet unfortunately, unfaithfulness occurs in any relationship, and sometimes, it might be too late to mend the marriage.
This is what occurred to this troubled wife, who asked the assistance of  Sir Raffy Tulfo. Earlier this week, a housewife identified as Mona Pilapil requested for help in order to fix her marital dilemmas. During her conversation with the host, she explained how her husband tricked her right on the night of their honeymoon.

After six years of being together, the couple finally chose to tie the knot. Quickly after getting married, Mona’s husband informed her that he would be celebrating with his colleagues. However, this was just a cover-up narrative.

In reality, he just visited his mistress, Sarah Ramos. Sarah has been the reason for his arguments with his wife. Even though Mona can already sense that something was wrong, her husband proceeded to refuse any connections with Sarah.

However, Raffy Tulfo soon discovered out that Sarah stays to have a relationship with Mona’s partner, even though she knows that he’s already married. The mistress, who has two children to a different father, also mocks and insults the legal wife.

Because of this, Mona is decided to see them behind bars. According to the wife, she’s tried of trusting her husband’s false and insincere promises. On the other hand, Raffy Tulfo’s team promised to help Mona get justice.
Watch the full interview below.

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