Lalaki, Pinagmalaki ang GF niyang di siya iniwan kahit P20 lang ang pera niya

One guy happily appreciates the girl who stayed even if he’s poor and striving in school. As he graduates from civil engineering, he vowed to make certain that she would be there when he experiences achievements in life…
According to Danniel Tubal who finished BS Civil Engineering, his girlfriend Mariatherese Palma had been the high school crush but she chose him. It makes him gratified and delighted that despite him not having a lot of cash, she stayed with him nevertheless.

While many boys would say that they are no match for rich guys because ladies would constantly choose the rich ones, such is not true, of course. Mariatherese is evidence that not all ladies go after the rich lads.

“She was with me when I can only afford kwek2 for our date,” Danniel addressed in a post on Facebook that would immediately go viral.

Because she understands that he only has Php20 as allowance each day, Mariatherese would stealthily slide some cash in his bag so he can have something to use for lunch.

“She was with me and offered me 70% of her allowance when she knows that I only have 20 pesos on my pocket for my whole day class. Hindi nya sinasabi skin, iniiwan lang nya sa pockets ng bag ko, then pag nasa skul nako mag txtxt nlng sya na, ‘jam nasa pocket ng bag mo yung pang lunch ha,’” Danniel happily told.

And while many ladies would get mad if the guy can’t give them a present for special times, Mariatherese knows and understands that her boyfriend could not really manage to buy one.
“She was with me even I cannot afford to buy her gifts on our anniversaries. She was with me when failed 3 subjects in midterm and almost [lost] hope,” Danniel continued. “And I will make sure that SHE WILL BE WITH ME IN MY SUCCESS!”

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