Janella Salvador Buntis at Manganganak sa October!

The issue ‘Is Janella Salvador pregnant?’ has been circling online and the online community has speculated that this is true.

The reports became more obvious when a credible source stated that Janella is really pregnant and will deliver their baby this October.

Recently, Markus Paterson and Janella Salvador verified their relationship through their social media posts, and their friends, fans, and followers were really happy about it.

Still, this wasn’t stopped there. This is after reports scattered that Janella is expecting a baby and she's just hiding it from the public.

According to the source, Janella will be having her baby delivered this October. It also insisted that some of the close friends of the actress previously acknowledge.

Another source declared that Janella allegedly told that she will be studying in the UK.

On the other hand, Markus isn’t sneaking from his supporters that he's currently in London with his family.

While the mom of Janella, Jenine Desidero lately traveled to the UK days after the issue. She was with Rusell, the younger brother of Janella.

Jenine let her followers speculate where she is. In the next post, she posted a video of Markus playing football in a front yard with Rusell.

This is where the netizens confirmed that Jenine, Janella and Rusell are with the family of Markus in UK.

In addition, one Instagram live of Markus provided extra sign when the voice of Janella can be detected in the background stating, “I almost jumped and that’s not good. I’m not allowed to jump.”
So this information and clues were combined by the netizens providing them to assume that Janella is really pregnant and will be giving birth in UK.

Some netizens are even linking Janella to Sofia Andres who also hide her pregnancy and later admitted it after sharing photos of her daughter.

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