Babae, biglang nabuntis matapos maligo sa isang public swimming pool.

One valuable piece that women favor to preserve before the right person appears with their lives is their V1rg1n1ty.

There are, though, circumstances in which, through no physical insertion and with the aid of advanced technologies, a lady may become pregnant.

Such events are pretty unbelievable, but they certainly happen. But due to her very exceptional pregnancy, a woman from Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines, went viral not long ago.

A woman who alleged to be v1rg1n was privately carrying a child in her womb, according to the research from RMN DXPR Pagadian. The way she got pregnant, however, was very unique.

The 22-year-old lady could not rest because of her pregnancy, she fell accentuated. This is because without making any physical touch she got fertilized.
The woman name Joy revealed in the interview that, for months, she did not get her monthly period in time.

To be sure, the lady decided to ask a doctor. To her shock, the doctor discovered she was pregnant.
Joy says she has a boyfriend, but among them, nothing has happened. She thought the infant after nine months and gave birth to a baby girl baptized Sittie Hannah on June 22.

The analysis for why she got pregnant was that Joy went to a public swimming pool to swim. She felt that from there she had the sp3rm, and eventually it came inside her.

The popular program KMJS also featured a very similar story. The young woman became the talk of their town because of her unique case.

However, according to an OB specialist that they interviewed her case seems to be far fetched considering that a sp3rm cannot survive in a pool due to chlorine.