After 4 years, natagpuan nila ang isang surpresa ng nanay nilang namayapa

It is said that life is full of surprises, but a family got the most stunning surprise present from their mom. It is so unexpected because they lost her 4 years ago.
According to Tim Salonga, the surprise presents were found on the day of his Ate Heka’s birthday last September 23. While the family reunited for a small party for a special event, some of their titas remembered about looking through old photo albums.

Feeling nostalgic about the old thoughts they had with their mom, Rosario Salonga, Tim’s sister advised that their titas bring home the last of their late mom’s things and other private matters. They had given away most of her clothes, but some are still in the closet.

While placing the clothes away, the family was shocked to find a top that’s covered inside two other clothes. Curious, they examined the blouse. Inside the pockets are some jewelry pieces, money, and a letter.

It stated:

“Para sa pag aaral ni Tim, Hazel, Herica ang perang ito. Gagamitin nila ito sa pang negosyo nila at paramihin nila ang konting pamana kong ito sa kanila at may 3 singsing ito at isang pares ng ikaw (hikaw). Paunlarin niyo ang konting pamana ko sa inyo.

Salamat mga anak. Mama”
Recognizing that they had given away most of their late mom’s things, it was a good thing they did not include this shirt.

They were so shocked about the present that they did not understand the words written on the back. They were only able to solve the meaning with the guidance of friends who came to visit the party.

“Tinago ko ito sa makina sa ilalim nya. Kung sino man ang nakakita nito ay ibigay nyo sa mga anak ko. Wag nyong kunin ang hindi para sa inyo,” the note added.

It turned out that this was a continuation of the directions at the front. They rushed to crack their late mom’s old sewing machine and discovered the passbook and more money in cash that she buried there for the kids!

The family revealed that they considered selling the sewing machine to a junk shop in the past. It really was a good thing they didn’t do that! This is surely a special gift from their mother…